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Leather Bicycle Gloves

Leather Bicycle Gloves

Leather Bicycle Gloves - Leather Bicycle Gloves  Manufacturer

More safety, more protection and more control while riding 

Those who often travel by bicycle should not - like the helmet - give up wearing gloves. After all, it's often the hands that get hit first in a fall, so we should protect them too.

 You can protect your hands! The additional padding of the palms on the inside of the glove and the elastic Velcro closure offer additional driving and wearing comfort on every tour. From now on, unpleasant pressure points are no longer a problem and thus there are no limits to driving fun. A welcome side effect: despite sweaty palms, you always have everything under control - in the truest sense of the word.

Model: VE-1067
Leather Cycling Gloves - Leather Cycling Gloves ManufacturersLeather cycling gloves made of genuine pittards leather with leather padded palm...
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Model: VE-1065
Retro Bicycle Gloves - Retro Bicycle Gloves ManufacturersThe palm and trim is made using hard wearing and water resistant leather,tanned with perforations for ventilation, and has carefully positioned padding for comfort without bulk.The redesigned shape of the padding allows for unhindered art..
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Model: VE-1066
vintage leather bike gloves..
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