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Skydive Gloves

Skydive Gloves
Skydive Gloves

Skydive Gloves


Best gloves for skydive - Premium quality cowhide leather for protection, durability and grip - Breathable, elastic back material

Skydive gloves tailored for ultimate grip and durability!

Skydive gloves are result of more than 10 years of customer feedback, personal experience and testing.

Results are spectacular:

- premium quality grey leather palm = durability and sticky grip

- strategically reinforced wear points on fingers = durability and grip

- entirely sewn with kevlar thread = durability

- flexible and breathable back = perfect fit to the back of the palm

- strong YKK velcro closure around the wrist = gloves stay perfectly in place

- ultimately cool and professional looks.


Items you will need: bucket, dish soap, two hand towels

- Rinse the glove off in cold water. You'll want to remove any dirt on the surface of the glove and get the leather thoroughly wet.

- Fill your bucket with cold water and approximately 2 tbls. of dish detergent.

- Put your hand in the water and stir it up to activate the soap and create suds.

- Place the glove in the water and swirl it around. Use your hand to agitate the soap in the water, allowing the motion to remove ground in dirt particles and sweat.

- Place the glove on a dry hand towel and give it a couple of hours to begin air drying.

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