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Downhill Slide Gloves

Downhill Slide Gloves
Downhill Slide Gloves

Downhill Slide Gloves


Impressive downhill slide gloves with double leather reinforced fingertips and thumb with ventilated top.

The gloves are durable with a double leather reinforced fingertip to prevent wear if you drop your hand on the floor. The gloves have a suede overlay along the edge from the index finger to the thumb. This way you will have a good grip on your board when you grab it while traveling or when taking it with you. Round, flexible palm disc with curved edges, which means you don't risk the disc grabbing onto the surface. You can easily change or move the disc with velcro. You can choose a new replacement disc or switch to another of your favorite brands.

Downhill slide gloves have very good ventilation through air ducts that run to the top, so you don't get wet and your hand sweaty while working around the court.

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