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Waterski Gloves

Waterski Gloves
Waterski Gloves

Waterski Gloves

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The waterski gloves deliver a maximum hand-to-handle feel in a minimalized form. Built for those looking to shed the gimmicks for a simplified finish, the double stitched Amara palm provides superior grip and increases glove life. Their sleek ergonomic fit with padded internal pressure points mean more comfort, less hand cramping and virtually no annoying material hot spots. The double locking backhand strap keeps the glove tight on hand without popping loose. An extended wrist length and pull strap make for an easy comfortable fit without forearm fatigue. From beginners to pros, the waterski gloves delivers the feel you need without the frills you don't.


Double Stitched Amara Palm - Less Wear, Longer Glove Life

Double Locking Backhand Strap - Dual Velcro Zones Keep From Popping Loose

Padded Pressure Points - Virtually No Interior Blister Causing Material Hot Spots

Extended Wrist Length With Pull Strap - Easy To Use, Less Forearm Fatigue

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