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Ski Patrol Gloves

Ski Patrol Gloves
Ski Patrol Gloves

Glove made from proofed Army Goat Leather. Fleece polyester liner with thinsulate insulation. External seams for improved comfort.


Toughness: Ski patrolling is so brutal on gloves that almost every ski patrol we spoke to and worked with sacrificed dexterity, grip, and warmth for toughness. To make an even stronger point about toughness, NO glove was tough enough to warrant a high cost. Mostly they choose inexpensive insulated work gloves because no quality gloves could even-come-close to holding up to hours per day of running rope line, pulling toboggans, lugging signs around, and on and on.  Ski patrolling is highly abrasive on the palm of the glove.

So we use leather, 1-2 mm, with a reinforcement patch that covers all areas of high wear on the palm. The type of leather is also important: properly tanned and treated cowhide is the toughest and softest leather, with the best combination for grip and dexterity. It’s what cattle ranchers use.

Grip: For the best grip, the palms of your gloves need to be made of soft, grippy leather that has been tanned specially for that purpose. The surface of your hands need to be free of sweat or dreaded clamminess, so maximum breathability is essential.

Warmth: Obviously ski patrolling is performed in the cold, but it is very active, so you need a glove with moderate levels of insulation, like a backcountry ski glove. A good amount is 200 grams.

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